Symptoms Of Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoid symptoms can be very uncomfortable. Some can be very frightening as well. If you are able to recognize the symptoms of hemorrhoids then you can find relief for the discomfort.

When hemorrhoids start out they are usually very small and unnoticeable. The first symptoms may be slight itching or burning around the rectal area. You may notice discomfort while sitting or even standing for long periods of time. When hemorrhoids are advanced, you may notice streaks of blood on the toilet paper after a bowel movement and at times even large spots. This is because weakened tissue can be cut open by hard stools.

The most advanced symptom of hemorrhoids is actual protrusion from the rectum. This can be very uncomfortable and even painful. When hemorrhoids are swollen enough to push out past the rectal opening, they can progress to strangulation. If treatment is started early on, this symptom can be avoided.

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